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A young sanitation worker born in the 1990s in Shanghai, who moved netizens after he looked for a tourist"s lost phone in dustbins in the summer heat last year, shot to social network fame for the second time after his recent marriage to a college student.

"Cleaning is service work to me. A cleaner shouldn"t be afraid of hardship," said Han Yiming, born in 1993. He helped find a tourist"s lost phone by searching in tons of rubbish for three hours when it was a sweltering 37 degrees in August 2016.

"Han has to be prepared for dealing with emergencies all day long. His work is peculiar from other work, but I will always support him," said his wife, who is surnamed Nie, and is still an accounting student in college.

Han started to work as a sanitation worker at the Shanghai Xinyuan Huanwei Co when he was 16 years old; before that he was an acrobatic performer with the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe since he was 6 years old.

Three months after joining the sanitation "army", Han fulfilled his dream and joined the People"s Liberation Army. The company agreed that after completing his army service, he could come back. Now, he"s worked at the company for four years.

Han has restructured sanitation work, like increasing the frequency of removal work during peak hours of garbage generation, and associating night work with daytime maintenance. Sanitation work has realized precise operation through Han"s efforts.

"Checking through the sanitation truck driver"s physical and mental conditions is necessary for our service," said Han. He has also found solutions to tough issues like garbage removal work in Shouning Street, the famous crayfish street in Shanghai.

"I thought cleaning work was not decent enough when I was young. Now I realize it also should be respected for its greatness of serving in people"s daily lives," Nie said.